Our New Herbal Medicine Service  

Oriental Medicine (OM) is an excellent alternative or complementary option, when you are not satisfied with Western Medicine therapies, either inadequate therapeutic effectiveness or serious side effects.

The licensed and nationally (NCCAOM) certified practitioners at EBOM Acupuncture Sioux Falls Clinic and Acupuncture Omaha Clinic received eight years of Oriental Medicine education from prestigious universities in China, and obtained multiple years of bio-psycho-medical education in US. The doctors have more than ten years of experience specialized in Chinese Acupuncture, Personalized Herbal Medicine, and Acupressure Massage.

Training time requirement for different board-certified acupuncture practitioners

See “Practitioners” for more information about our practitioners. 


Board certification


Information source

Medical Doctor

American Board of Medical

Acupuncture (ABMA)

300 hours



American Board of Chiropractic

Acupuncture (ABCA)

300 hours




National Certification Commission

for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


3-4 Years


The most trusted ORIENTAL MEDICINE PRACTIce at reasonable prices



I recently switched to Dr. XU & Love her treatments!!  I have been seeing DOM'S for 15 years & think she's the best one I've seen. I've gotten more results in a few treatments than with any other practitioner in Sioux Falls & her herbal therapy is spot on.....

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We are excited to announce the grand opening of UFine Herbs - a sister herbal company of EBOM Clinic!

Our formulas are made in Omaha, Nebraska and are all natural and plant-based. We are currently selling over 20 herbal formulas at our clinic including Joint Aid, Fertility Aid, Endometrial Aid, and Metabolism Aid (think: weight loss).

We can also CUSTOM make herbs that are specifically tailored to your health needs. Speak with your acupuncturist to request a custom made herbal formulation from UFine Herbs.


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(605) 777-9181 (Sioux Falls, SD)

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