Working with our acupuncturists, Cheyenne performs therapeutic massage for various types of conditions, such as pain, stress, insomnia, pregnancy, and weight loss.

​​Cheyenne is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Nebraska and Iowa. She graduated from Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare of Herzing University. Cheyenne has been trained in a variety of massages including Swedish, Hot Stone, and Ice Massage. 

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Cheyenne Pratt, L.M.T., is our newest addition to the EBOM Omaha Clinic! 

Cheyenne Pratt, L.M.T., holds a Massage Diploma from Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare of Herzing University. 

(605) 777-9181 (Sioux Falls, SD)

(402) 800-8560 (Omaha, NE)

Cheyenne Pratt, L.M.T.

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