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Growing up receiving acupuncture and herbal treatments periodically in China for issues such as menstrual cramps, GI discomfort and low energy, Yiting feels the need to help more people benefit from this style of medicine like she did in the past.​

Her graduate Student Internship was conducted at MCPHS University student treatment center, Worcester, MA. Here Yiting dedicated herself to providing treatments for the local community. Additionally she assisted at Lea Tam acupuncture: observed tuina and acupuncture for pain, stroke rehabilitation and cancer chemo/radiotherapy side effect management.  She also assisted under Quan Zhou: where she observed auricular acupuncture, later performing these modalities herself, graduating with a 3.97 grade point average.

Yiting received her Western Medicine Bachelor degree (M.D. equivalent in U.S.) from prestigious University in China.

Yiting holds a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Fudan University, Shanghai, China and a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from MCPHS University, Worcester, MA

Yiting Zhou, M.B., M.S.

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