Read our reviews
Read our reviews

Oriental Medicine at EBOM is an excellent alternative or complementary option, when you are not satisfied with Western Medicine therapies.  Here you will find more adequate effectiveness without serious side effects.

The licensed and nationally (NCCAOM) certified practitioners at Evidence Based Oriental Medicine (EBOM Clinic) each received eight years of Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs education from prestigious universities in China.  The founders of EBOM then obtained multiple years of bio-psycho-medical education in the US.   In total, EBOM's doctors have
more than sixty years of combined experience specializing in Chinese Acupuncture, Personalized Herbal Medicine, and Acupressure Massage.


Here are links to the different training time requirements for acupuncture board-certification.

See “Practitioners” for more information about our care providers. 

chinese acupuncture & herbs at ebom clinic - The most trusted traditional Chinese MEDICINE PRACTIce at reasonable prices


"I recently switched to Dr. XU & Love her treatments!!  I have been seeing DOM'S for 15 years & think she's the best one I've seen. I've gotten more results in a few treatments than with any other practitioner in Sioux Falls & her herbal therapy is spot on."

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