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Why choose holistic medicine?

Multiple studies have been conducted to measure the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating cancer-related fatigue. study, using breast cancer survivors as the control group, found that the practice of regular acupuncture sessions (eight weekly 50-minute sessions) had a measurable reduction in fatigue symptoms. The findings of the study concluded that by practicing standard self-care methods in conjunction with routine acupuncture, overall fatigue levels decreased. 

A follow-up study performed on a larger-scale, used standard self-care methods as the control value. Two sample groups were analyzed and each encouraged to use the same self-care procedures. These procedures included maintaining an exercise routine, improving nutrition, and practicing stress management techniques. Only one of the groups was given regular acupuncture sessions. After 6 weeks, the study concluded that the sample group that implemented both acupuncture and standard self-care methods, had a larger reduction in mental and physical fatigue than patients practicing self-care methods alone. 

How can acupuncture help those with related complications from cancer therapies?

If you experience cancer-related fatigue or therapy complications and want to try acupuncture for yourself, consider these points to find the acupuncture clinic that will meet your needs. 

  • Credibility. When researching acupuncture clinics, it is always best to choose a clinic that specializes in traditional Chinese medicine and has a proven background in acupuncture for cancer or related ailments. It is worth researching if the clinic has licensed providers with ample experience in treating your specific concerns. 

  • Referrals and Reviews. There are many clinics that specialize in acupuncture or alternative medicine but may not have the reputation to support their claims. When searching for a clinic, it can be helpful to look for online testimonials. If you know anyone who has received acupuncture therapy, you may want to ask them for a recommendation or referral. 

  • Know your provider. Experience matters when it comes to choosing an acupuncture specialist. Visit the website of the clinic to find background information of a provider's education, experience and mission statement. 

After performing all due diligence as a patient, you may find that the EBOM Clinic has everything you are looking for. Founder and acupuncture expert, Dr. Yueshan Hu is committed to finding substantial relief for those who suffer from cancer therapy complications. As experts in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the professionals at the EBOM clinic have the expertise to aid in healing the body in a way that is both natural and effective. Book an appointment  today to see how acupuncture can help you find the relief you’re looking for. 

In the year 2022, there will be an estimated 1,918,030 cancer cases reported in the United States alone. Worldwide, cancer diagnoses will reach as far as 10 million people each year. Complications that accompany cancer therapies can often be frustrating and extremely uncomfortable for patients. Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, and bone marrow transplantation are common forms of therapy for cancer patients that induce uncomfortable side effects. 

Mental and bodily fatigue are one of the most common side effects for those receiving cancer therapy. Patients may encounter fatigue if cancer treatment damages healthy cells in the body while destroying cancer cells. Fatigue may also occur as the body attempts to repair damage caused by treatment. When patients experience cancer-related fatigue, they may be more inclined to try a holistic medicine approach such as acupuncture to aid in natural healing and balance, as opposed to methods that could induce further adverse effects. 

 Although Western Medicine has been established as the best form of treating active cancer, holistic medicine has been increasingly helpful in combating complications from cancer therapy and aftercare. Cancer can induce the need for energy in the body, cause organ damage (especially within the liver, kidneys, heart or lungs), weaken the muscles, or alter your body's hormones. All of these factors can contribute to fatigue and other complications. For those seeking comfort from these health ailments but are weary of unpredictable side-effects and potentially toxic alternatives, holistic medicine can be the best way to experience relief. In addition to providing relief from cancer-related fatigue, acupuncture and Chinese medicine has been proven to reduce nausea, insomnia, hormone imbalance, depression and anxiety. When conducted by a well-experienced provider, holistic medicine can be the perfect remedy to treat uncomfortable symptoms associated with cancer therapy. 

How does Acupuncture help those with complications from cancer therapies?

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